Dokucraft Dark

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Dokucraft Dark is a Minecraft texture pack that will heighten your playing experience to a whole new level. This is the darkest version of the Saga which will darken each and everyone of your worlds. This texture pack is perfect for making even the lightest of builds look dark and fearsome, whether it be for single player worlds or mass multiplayer constructions.

So if you are after a texture pack which will add a touch of darkness, this is the one for you.




    • You are certainly allowed to use this pack in youtube videos and streams, providing a link to the website and the texture pack used.
    • Private redistribution and private mix-packs are allowed.
    • Server resource packs are allowed. This means you may distribute the unedited packs to members of your server using the resource pack downloader.
    • You are allowed to use one of the three base packs (Light/High/Dark) as a base for your own server resource pack. However you are not allowed to use textures from other custom Dokucraft packs without written permission by the creators of each texture.
    • You may edit textures from one of the three base packs (Light/High/Dark) for use in an adventure map, but credit and a link to the website and forum must be given.
    • The edited texture pack must be within the download of the adventure map. However you are not allowed to use textures from other custom Dokucraft packs without written permission by the creators of each texture*.
    • You are welcome to post your own alterations of any texture or any original texture in the Dokucraft thread.
    • Public mix-packs must have permission from the council and must link directly to the Dokucraft website and forums, with credit given. Make sure you have permission from the texture creators.
    • Reuploading or releasing this pack anywhere other than the Dokucraft forum is not allowed unless you have the permission to do so from the council.
    • You’re certainly not allowed to put this website, forums, or any Dokucraft download link behind or other “money-making”-links.
    • Do not use any textures created for The Saga Continues in your own texture pack you intend to release, not even as place holders.
    • You are not allowed to use this pack for any commercial purposes.
    • You are not allowed to redistribute the Dokucraft music in any other resource pack.
    • All free to use original Dokucraft graphics can be found in the original thread here.


NOTE: The 1.8 version also works with 1.7.x and 1.6.x


  1. Download and install Optifine  or MCPatcher (recommended)
  2. Start Minecraft.
  3. Click on Options … and then click Resource Packs.
  4. Click on  Open resource pack folder.
  5. Download the resource pack (link above)
  6. Move Dokucraft Light into the resource folder.
  7. Now you can select and use the Resource Pack in Minecraft.


  1. tecnicstudios

    this is great if you want something darker on your eyes

  2. Katfacefudgebutton

    I downloaded all other packs fine, this one downloads and when you try to unzip it, it says the file is ‘invalid’ tried downloading from primary and mirror, as well as in internet explorer, only seem to have problems with this pack.

  3. Just to make sure we’re on the same page. If you download the pack from the site and copy the .zip into your resource pack folder, then Minecraft can’t read the pack?

  4. DevMC

    I cannot extract any of the main packs to MC I have tried both chrome and explorer and nothing.

  5. Try downloading the pack using the primary link, not the, and let us know if the problem persists.

  6. Brian

    I use Dokucraft Dark and Polished Diorite (stone_diorite_smooth) has a broken texture on it.

  7. DemonBlack50

    will mcpatcher or optinfine still work in minecraft 1.8

  8. La lame penes

    Me gusta esta textura al igual que los penes :3

  9. Trenix

    Just some suggestions, the anvil needs a texture. The tall grass needs to not blend in so closely to the dirt grass. Newly planted pumpkins and melons need a visual placeholder. Most of the mobs, both hostile and passive, need to be retextured because they look like complete garbage and if there was a way for me to keep the vanilla mobs, I would. Otherwise, awesome texture pack.

  10. ilikecake36


  11. brett

    could it be possible to make the andesite darker? I’m tunneling and it looks almost identical to cobblestone. love the resource pack otherwise

  12. Techbro

    Oops, sorry for double post.

  13. Techbro

    I get a white sky in the night. I use the latest MCPatcher and Dokucraft Dark. MCPatcher has all checked.

  14. Techbro

    Nice texture pack. However, why is it that when I use it with MCPatcher, at night the sky is completely white?

  15. Dokucraft Dark and High received updates to their tools and armors for 1.8.

  16. FrstdPenguin

    Is this not Dokucraft Dark? Because the iron armor looks different… did it change at all?

  17. Tusk

    Never mind, im an idiot >.<

  18. Tusk

    Have been using this texture pack forever and love it, thank you so much for your continued work.

    Are Light and High Available for 1.8 yet? i seem to only be able to download Dark.

  19. jmoment

    Hello I am Chinese player, I like this texture very much, but the first download address always download the compressed file cannot be used, second download China cannot use (you know… ). I have downloaded a lot of times ~ hope to fix it thank you ^ ^

  20. because am still working on the website update it everyday trying to make it better for everyone

  21. Clarson5678

    Why is the website a Work in progress because I really want to download this resource pack.. So, why is it like that anyways?

  22. DaGameMaster711

    So, i opened a folder called textures and then blocks….is this the place where i can edit the textures??

  23. Fireheartroo

    I absolutly adore this texture pack. This is by far my most favorite texture packs of all time.

  24. @Joesycop Go to your resource pack and follow this folder path:

    [1.8]\assets\minecraft\mcpatcher\ctm\1-Item Frame (read inside for instructions)

    delete the folder ” 1-Item Frame (read inside for intructions)” … and that should fix the problem.

  25. Joesycop

    Birch Wood Planks don’t work in this texture pack, I am using Optifine with it if that helps.

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