Dokucraft High

32x Texture Packs


Dokucraft High is a Minecraft texture pack which will heighten your playing experience to a whole new level. This is the brightest version of the Saga which will really lighten up every single one of your worlds. This texture pack is perfect for all you Minecraft desires whether it be for survival single player worlds or mass multiplayer constructions.

So if you are after a texture pack which will add a touch of royalty this is the one for you.




    • You are certainly allowed to use this pack in youtube videos and streams, providing a link to the website and the texture pack used.
    • Private redistribution and private mix-packs are allowed.
    • Server resource packs are allowed. This means you may distribute the unedited packs to members of your server using the resource pack downloader.
    • You are allowed to use one of the three base packs (Light/High/Dark) as a base for your own server resource pack. However you are not allowed to use textures from other custom Dokucraft packs without written permission by the creators of each texture.
    • You may edit textures from one of the three base packs (Light/High/Dark) for use in an adventure map, but credit and a link to the website and forum must be given.
    • The edited texture pack must be within the download of the adventure map. However you are not allowed to use textures from other custom Dokucraft packs without written permission by the creators of each texture*.
    • You are welcome to post your own alterations of any texture or any original texture in the Dokucraft thread.
    • Public mix-packs must have permission from the council and must link directly to the Dokucraft website and forums, with credit given. Make sure you have permission from the texture creators.
    • Reuploading or releasing this pack anywhere other than the Dokucraft forum is not allowed unless you have the permission to do so from the council.
    • You’re certainly not allowed to put this website, forums, or any Dokucraft download link behind or other “money-making”-links.
    • Do not use any textures created for The Saga Continues in your own texture pack you intend to release, not even as place holders.
    • You are not allowed to use this pack for any commercial purposes.
    • You are not allowed to redistribute the Dokucraft music in any other resource pack.
    • All free to use original Dokucraft graphics can be found in the original thread here.


NOTE: The 1.8 version also works with 1.7.x and 1.6.x


  1. Download and install Optifine  or MCPatcher (recommended)
  2. Start Minecraft.
  3. Click on Options … and then click Resource Packs.
  4. Click on  Open resource pack folder.
  5. Download the resource pack (link above)
  6. Move Dokucraft Light into the resource folder.
  7. Now you can select and use the Resource Pack in Minecraft.


  1. Scout

    I’m also having a problem with the main light/dark/high packs, they don’t show up in my available resource packs list even though they’re in the folder. I tried to extract them but I got an error, which makes me think that the zip files are corrupted? This applied to all three packs. Has anyone worked out a solution yet?

  2. This resourcepack is really awesome! It’s like a mix of Chroma Hills, Soartex, R3D Craft, Sphax PureBD Craft! Props to the maker!!

  3. meeper

    oh wow I looove this one the night sky is amazing also love almost every block I think the obsidian looks a lil too much like cobble but its still so great!

  4. Dreacon78

    I just tried to download both the High x32 version and also the x64 version and neither is showing up when I go to load the texture pack. I have tried every link listed on the pages. Also when I try to open archive is says it is unable to open the archive. Any idea what is going on? I love using this texture pack and tell everyone I know to use it, so I would love to be able to continue to use it.

  5. Gamer

    where is the link

  6. Angela

    Hi!! I have a problem. I download Dokucraft High 32x texture 1.8.1 and it doesnt shows up. When I try to extract as a folder says is damaged or is in a unknown format. I appreciate the work you do with this texture pack and I would like to use it as always. Thanks Again!!

  7. imjustdawsen

    i put run as administrator and it never stopped loading, so now i cant do anything on my desktop. can someone help? also when i open the mc patcher, it tells me to select a file and doesnt just do it automatically. what do i do?

  8. FrostyFuture

    Flawless texture pack but 1.8.1 version has a missing dark oak sapling is missing and the enchantment table is not updated to the new system. And I know the pack is up to date with 1.8.1 because the prismarite textures are there.

  9. Sean124

    EPIC TEXTURE im using this on my youtube minecraft pc Let’s Play

  10. raffi287

    opefully this resourcepack will get updated to 1.8

  11. Mint

    Where are the 1.7.10 versions?

  12. Anonymous1

    Umm, with this one i knowticed that the stone tools and sword are a different shade then before and the planks are mixed up oak looks like birch

  13. bi togolj boloh uu

  14. Anonymous

    Using with shaders… lol

  15. Baibhav Rath

    Please Help Me Am A Dokucraft Lover And The Texture Packs Says The File Is Corrupted

  16. Feare

    Love the pack, however the wood planks are showing up as the wrong color. for example, oak half planks look like dark oak, and birch half planks look like oak half planks.

    Also the doors dont show up as the propor types, like the dark oak doors show up as regular oak doors.

    im looking for more bugs to try and help you out man! still love the pack, but would love for a patch!!

    thanks man!

  17. Gate4043

    The pack doesn’t work, says it’s in an unknown format or damaged… what do I do?

  18. Shyrilo

    Apparently this is 1.8 now so woot. Just correcting that :)

  19. Shyrilo

    Hey I had the same problem for whatever reason this one you have to pull the file out of it so. Just extract it into your resource file and then it works fine…sadly its not updated yet I hope it is soon though!!!

  20. smittytomjohn

    I have the same problem also. My other packs work but not these

  21. EarthOsprey

    Can someone please help me or does someone have the same problem?

  22. EarthOsprey

    For some reason this wont show up in my resource packs

  23. perrysu

    Er, I mean in 1. 8 update for High version messes up the custom character skin on 1.7.10 with mc patcher or optifine… while newest updates for light and dark versions work great on 1.7.10 with those two patchers.

  24. perrysu

    So the 1.8 update is live. Light and Dark version work great with mc patcher and optifine, but in High the character texture is messed up even with mc patcher….

  25. drsmart77

    this my favortie out of the 3 main texture packs

  26. Eddie222

    I have doku light and dark for 1.8. I want this one too. WORK FASTER! I cant wait!

  27. Tyler

    When is the high 1.8 out

  28. Middynighty

    Looking good! The website and the textures. :) Can’t wait for he 1.8 update with all the different doors and the underwater blocks! :D

  29. kobiecanobie

    hopefully this resourcepack will get updated to 1.8 soon. :) looking good.

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