MegaDoku Light

64x Texture Packs




    • You are certainly allowed to use this pack in youtube videos and streams, providing a link to the website and the texture pack used.
    • Private redistribution and private mix-packs are allowed.
    • Server resource packs are allowed. This means you may distribute the unedited packs to members of your server using the resource pack downloader.
    • You are allowed to use one of the three base packs (Light/High/Dark) as a base for your own server resource pack. However you are not allowed to use textures from other custom Dokucraft packs without written permission by the creators of each texture.
    • You may edit textures from one of the three base packs (Light/High/Dark) for use in an adventure map, but credit and a link to the website and forum must be given.
    • The edited texture pack must be within the download of the adventure map. However you are not allowed to use textures from other custom Dokucraft packs without written permission by the creators of each texture*.
    • You are welcome to post your own alterations of any texture or any original texture in the Dokucraft thread.
    • Public mix-packs must have permission from the council and must link directly to the Dokucraft website and forums, with credit given. Make sure you have permission from the texture creators.
    • Reuploading or releasing this pack anywhere other than the Dokucraft forum is not allowed unless you have the permission to do so from the council.
    • You’re certainly not allowed to put this website, forums, or any Dokucraft download link behind or other “money-making”-links.
    • Do not use any textures created for The Saga Continues in your own texture pack you intend to release, not even as place holders.
    • You are not allowed to use this pack for any commercial purposes.
    • You are not allowed to redistribute the Dokucraft music in any other resource pack.
    • All free to use original Dokucraft graphics can be found in the original thread here.


NOTE: The 1.8 version also works with 1.7.x and 1.6.x
BUG: Texture pack not showing up? Extract it as a folder


  1. Download and install Optifine or MCPatcher (recommended)
  2. Download Dokucraft Light (link above)
  3. Start Minecraft.
  4. Click on Options.
  5. Click on Resource Packs.
  6. Click on Open resource pack folder.
  7. Move Dokucraft Light into the resource pack folder.
  8. Now you can select Dokucraft Light in Minecraft.
  9. Now Enjoy.


  1. ondra2305

    Hello, Please can do texture packs for Minecraft 1.8? And if so, you may be at a resolution of 256x? I have good computer and would like to have better quality. Thanks ondra2305

  2. oldjollysanta

    downloaded it from both primary and mirror, zip file is corrupt

  3. No, it isn’t for 1.8. :(

  4. Hey I was wondering if you could finished the 64 bit version because the textures are astounding.


  5. I wish it was 1.8

  6. Darth

    the texture don’t download

  7. TJ

    Really hope it comes out for 1.8 soon :)

  8. death_to_creeper

    I don’t think so.

  9. Hrey Gnum

    Is this for 1.8?

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